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This is the Begining

Could U.S. Troops End Up in Lebanon
The uniformed military, however, is ardently opposed to sending American soldiers to the region,
according to my source. “They are saying 'What the fuck?'” he told me. “Most of our combat-ready divisions are in Iraq or Afghanistan, or on their way, or coming back. The generals don't like it because we're already way overstretched.”

The scenario of an American deployment appears to come straight out of the neoconservative playbook: send U.S. forces into the Middle East, regardless of what our own military leaders suggest, in order to “stabilize” the region. The chances of success, as we have seen in Iraq, are remote. So what should be done? My source said the situation is so volatile at the moment that the only smart policy is to get an immediate ceasefire and worry about the terms of a lasting truce afterwards.

Iran: The Next War
Even before the bombs fell on Baghdad, a group of senior Pentagon officials were plotting to invade another country. Their covert campaign once again relied on false intelligence and shady allies. But this time, the target was Iran. BY JAMES BAMFORD

I. The Israeli Connection

A few blocks off Pennsylvania Avenue, the FBI's eight-story Washington field office exudes all the charm of a maximum-security prison. Its curved roof is made of thick stainless steel, the bottom three floors are wrapped in granite and limestone, hydraulic bollards protect the ramp to the four-floor garage, and bulletproof security booths guard the entrance to the narrow lobby. On the fourth floor, like a tomb within a tomb, lies the most secret room in the $100 million concrete fortress—out-of-bounds even for special agents without an escort. Here, in the Language Services Section, hundreds of linguists in padded earphones sit elbow-to-elbow in long rows, tapping computer keyboards as they eavesdrop on the phone lines of foreign embassies and other high-priority targets in the nation's capital.

At the far end of that room, on the morning of February 12th, 2003, a small group of eavesdroppers were listening intently for evidence of a treacherous crime. At the very moment that American forces were massing for an invasion of Iraq, there were indications that a rogue group of senior Pentagon officials were already conspiring to push the United States into another war—this time with Iran. more

Analysis- I can't help but think that within one year we will be at war with Iran and the public will support it. They will support it like they supported Iraq in the beginning. The only thing that will stop the coming war with Iran is if the public is smarter this time. Irrational fear will drive "good" people to do bad things. Just to make a prediction it will take over a year after the war starts before public support wanes and we find out our intelligence was not very good.

Morality is not on our side
By Ze'ev Maoz
There's practically a holy consensus right now that the war in the North is a just war and that morality is on our side. The bitter truth must be said: this holy consensus is based on short-range selective memory, an introverted worldview, and double standards.


Blogger HD said...

Too true!

7:07 PM  
Blogger Prodigal Son said...

Russ, you say...

I can't help but think that within one year we will be at war with Iran and the public will support it.

That is not my sense of the situation at all. Neocons are trying to badger Bush in that direction but he is not going for it. My guess is that he is quite pissed at them for selling him down shit creek without a paddle re a hurry up invasion of Iraq. Yes, that was not a hard sell. But Bush inevitably projects blame when he makes bad decisions.

He looks like a haunted man now. Two days ago he appeared with the Iraq Prez to announce a major change in strategy because things are getting out of hand in Baghdad. He was pale and drawn. Gone was the cockiness. Gone was the bravado.

Bush is going to the cupboard for more troops to deploy in the hoods of Baghdad. He finding that cupboard pretty bare. He has to resort to shifting troops out of the provinces. The National Guard troops are reaching the end of their rope.

On top of all the above, Bush knows there may be impeachment proceedings coming down the pike come this time next year.

Long story short, no troops to Lebanon, no troops to Iran...

6:18 AM  
Blogger Russ said...

PS I truly hope you are right. While his bravado may be gone because reality is setting in so he will be sold on the idea as a way to save his legacy, fighting WW III.

WW III is the new buzz word.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Russ said...

I still can not get over the fact that there is more to this than politics.

"God will destroy this earth that is so marred and cursed by satan's evil."
Tim LaHaye

It may sound far-fetched that so outlandish an ideology could be exercising real power over our country and our future. The reality is anything but far-fetched – not when proponents of Dispensationalism hold sway over some of the nation's most powerful politicians,

The Christian Paradox
This Christian nation also tends to make personal, as opposed to political, choices that the Bible would seem to frown upon. Despite the Sixth Commandment, we are, of course, the most violent rich nation on earth, with a murder rate four or five times that of our European peers. We have prison populations greater by a factor of six or seven than other rich nations (which at least should give us plenty of opportunity for visiting the prisoners). Having been told to turn the other cheek, we’re the only Western democracy left that executes its citizens, mostly in those states where Christianity is theoretically strongest.
A rich man came to Jesus one day and asked what he should do to get into heaven. Jesus did not say he should invest, spend, and let the benefits trickle down; he said sell what you have, give the money to the poor, and follow me. Few plainer words have been spoken. And yet, for some reason, the Christian Coalition of America—founded in 1989 in order to “preserve, protect and defend the Judeo-Christian values that made this the greatest country in history”—proclaimed last year that its top legislative priority would be “making permanent President Bush’s 2001 federal tax cuts.”

Welcome to Doomsday
By Bill Moyers

There Is No Tomorrow
By Bill Moyers

9:12 AM  
Blogger LNaranjoiv said...


Is that REALLY a hidden way for people to say, American Jews???

Since you people like to quote from others, that is a quote from another too.

Wow......anti-semitism at it's best?

Who knew....0 = /

9:37 AM  
Blogger Prodigal Son said...

Nice try at the attempt to play the anti-semitism card, LN.

The interesting thing is, there has been a blip up in that gambit lately. But oddly enough, it comes mainly from Christian Zionists. And surely you don't hang out with them.

Here is an example from a couple of days ago.

LN, you parroting the likes of Bill Banuchi???...

It's a weird world nowadays...

11:03 AM  
Blogger Prodigal Son said...

The Prince of Darkness is backbiting Ms. Rice. My guess is that is going over like a lead balloon with Bush.

The chances of Ms. Rice being shuffled away from her current post is about as likely as me being made Doolittle's local chief of staff...

12:40 PM  
Blogger LNaranjoiv said...

Gee, Ps.....I knew you were kinda stupid, but that takes the cake.
Who the hell is Bill banuchi??

Obviously, you're brain dead.
When, did I EVER call myself a christian??? Laughable, then again, you're a lib, so why should this surprise me.

As to the anti sementic card??
So, that must be what ' neocon ' means then......hidden commentary of JEW. Not that I parrotted anything this person said/commented on.'re too much. It be an intersting moment meeting YOU for breakfast, just to see what kind of whackjob you truely are.


Funny, how it's all Israel's fault, at these so called, poor lebanonese being killed. Hmmmm....
Guess the terrorists still get a pass from the looney left. ( Of course ) Now, never mind that they:
A) Park military targets in/around cililians;
B) Deny the civilians the right to leave the combat zones;
C) Provide for the protection of the civilians;
D) Try to engage the Israeli military with the rockets/troops clusters, instead, purposely target civilians;
E) Last but not lease, use civilian markings/cars/homes etc etc etc, to move around their, ambualances for troop transports. guys on the left are a strange lot.

I wonder how you play chess, much less, if you're any good at it?

1:01 PM  
Blogger Prodigal Son said...


LN, back into the aggitation mode. Lighten up on the coffee...

And BTW, Neocon Watch has you and your fellow travelers' number...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
The Canard of "Anti-Semitism" and the New York Christian Coalition Web Site
Get ready, folks. The "Anti-Semitic" card is going to be played again when it comes to anyone less than enamored of Zionism or Israel's war in Lebanon. Joe Eldred of the New York State Constitution Party--a true Christian gentleman--is the latest target of this tactic after expressing concern about the ramifications of killing massive numbers of innocent civilians in Lebanon on the New York Christian Coalition web site. Mark Dankof of Old Right Topic News and BATR was one of several who rose to defend Mr. Eldred from this absolutely absurd canard and accusation.

You guys oughta come up with a new gambit. That one has gone a little stale...

1:43 PM  
Blogger LNaranjoiv said...

Neocon watch??? New York Christian, whatevers????
Geeeeesh PS, perhaps you need to lighten up on the 2-4 AM blogging about moronic.

You'll quote these idiots, yet you ' claim ' our local talk show host, is bogus??


Yea......on second thought, PLEASE keep blogging......stay UP from 1am till 4 am....ahahahahaha

Oh lord, you're a hoot....

3:20 PM  
Blogger Russ said...

LN the anti Semitic crap is old and ridiculous. When a friend screws up you tell them you don't enable them to screw up more. Yet this is what we are doing which leads me to think there's more to it.

Read this
There's practically a holy consensus right now that the war in the North is a just war and that morality is on our side. The bitter truth must be said:
This war is not a just war. Israel is using excessive force without distinguishing between civilian population and enemy, whose sole purpose is extortion. That is not to say that morality and justice are on Hezbollah's side. Most certainly not. But the fact that Hezbollah "started it" when it kidnapped soldiers from across an international border does not even begin to tilt the scales of justice toward our side.

Let's start with a few facts. We invaded a sovereign state, and occupied its capital in 1982. In the process of this occupation, we dropped several tons of bombs from the air, ground and sea, while wounding and killing thousands of civilians. Approximately 14,000 civilians were killed between June and September of 1982, according to a conservative estimate. The majority of these civilians had nothing to do with the PLO, which provided the official pretext for the war

On July 28, 1989, we kidnapped Sheikh Obeid, and on May 12, 1994, we kidnapped Mustafa Dirani, who had captured Ron Arad. Israel held these two people and another 20-odd Lebanese detainees without trial, as "negotiating chips." That which is permissible to us is, of course, forbidden to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah crossed a border that is recognized by the international community. That is true. What we are forgetting is that ever since our withdrawal from Lebanon, the Israel Air Force has conducted photo-surveillance sorties on a daily basis in Lebanese airspace. While these flights caused no casualties, border violations are border violations. Here too, morality is not on our side.

So much for the history of morality. Now, let's consider current affairs. What exactly is the difference between launching Katyushas into civilian population centers in Israel and the Israel Air Force bombing population centers in south Beirut, Tyre, Sidon and Tripoli? The IDF has fired thousands of shells into south Lebanon villages, alleging that Hezbollah men are concealed among the civilian population. Approximately 25 Israeli civilians have been killed as a result of Katyusha missiles to date. The number of dead in Lebanon, the vast majority comprised of civilians who have nothing to do with Hezbollah, is more than 300.
There is a propaganda aspect to this war, and it involves a competition as to who is more miserable. Each side tries to persuade the world that it is more miserable. As in every propaganda campaign, the use of information is selective, distorted and self-righteous. If we want to base our information (or shall we call it propaganda?) policy on the assumption that the international environment is going to buy the dubious merchandise that we are selling, be it out of ignorance or hypocrisy, then fine. But in terms of our own national soul searching, we owe ourselves to confront the bitter truth - maybe we will win this conflict on the military field, maybe we will make some diplomatic gains, but on the moral plane, we have no advantage, and we have no special status.

The writer is a professor of political science at Tel Aviv university.

3:38 PM  
Blogger LNaranjoiv said...

Dear Rus.......I wonder what actually constitutes a JUST WAR??
Balance?? You must be as stupid as the whacked our lefties.... Balanced war??
Do you even know what WAR is?? What it entails?? What the consequence is/are??
obviously not...cause you're stuck on ' excessove force '.

You don't use half ass measures to WIN a war. You don't NEGOTIATE in the middle of one, to win a war.
War is won, when one side loses.
Period. Your war ends, when the opponent surrenders. Period.

I guess, we didn't REALLY win WW2, or did we? Was that fair?? Did we use excessive force to defeat the Germans and the Japanese??

Holy smokes!! We probably did...AND, we caused a lot of Civilian casualties too!! Your point being??

Lebanon wants their country back? Have THEM fight for it....seems like, they'd rather be the lackies of the Syrians/Iranians/terrorists.
I'd doubt it, but it sure seems like it.

Hezbullah holds populations hostage. They abridge the rules of, considering your whacked out views of the GC.....outstanding!!
Using civilian vehicles is a crime, firing from civilian homes is a crime, using human shields is a crime....the list goes on and on.

I'm not sure what your stance on this is...but you sure seem to be kissing the ass of the terrorists, while you blame ( ahem ) the Jews, the United States.....who else are you giving the rhetoric too?

ANYONE ....but the true villians here.....the ( gasp ) Terrorists.


4:43 PM  
Blogger Russ said...

LN your seemingly self superior almost incoherent rantings are amusing in a infantile sort of way.

Terrorist are bad? Wow that is news. So you use the they do bad things so we can be bad too theory. They kill civilians then so can we. No need to be any better than the terrorist in your book. That is a grade school mentality at it's best with name calling to boot, nicely done.

Israel is not fighting a war that can not be won militarily (like Iraq). You would think that as decade after decade after decade go by some might come to realize it.

8:02 AM  
Blogger LNaranjoiv said...

Rus? Why don't you just come clean, and admit your a lib?

First, your obvious dufus comment:
"Terrorist are bad? Wow that is news. So you use the they do bad things so we can be bad too theory."

Did I say that? Nope...sure didn't, but, like a lib, you believe that I did. They're bad, period. When you put up a rocket launcher near homes, guess what?
That home is not long for this world.

Perhaps, you can answer this question: If a woman is walking toward you with a baby in her arms, wrapped in explosives, how long before it takes you to shoot her??? is it a dilema?? Of course, however, the reality is, when she comes INTO range, you're dead. Period.
I believe the UN is even now reporting, that they've got Hezbullah units setting up near THEM. So, when the Israeli's go after those forces, they're not targetting the UN forces directly. ( Unlike the lie that says they are )

Your next dumbazz contect states:
" Israel is not fighting a war that can not be won militarily (like Iraq). You would think that as decade after decade after decade go by some might come to realize it. "

They're NOT fighting a war, that can NOT be won?? Then, what are they fighting?? Seems like combat to me. Ooooo, my pardon, you don't believe they're fighting at all.
As to winning? Why can't they win? Cause some nimrod like you, says so? Pffffttttttt...please.

Sounds like the terrorists are having a BAD day. You, however, take the road to condem what they do ( the israelis ), and why they do it. You made mention, about the war there and the decades worth of it?

Last night, I heard interesting numbers, and an interesting theory.
If the Israelis there number 5 million, why are 500 MILLION muslims trying to kill them, by terrorists acts?? Gee, you'd think they'd be able to squash the Israeli's. 100 to one odd?? Hmmmmm...

Decades of war......well, let's see, the Israelis won how many of the conflicts there?? Hmmmm......they took on HOW many countries, and won??? Hmmmmm....

Ah well, the lesson is lost on your lib mentality. Tho, you DO like to mistate what people actually say...and when the need arrises, MAKE words where none exists.

oooooooo, you said I'm infintile..
Grown up of you to say that.
As to the so called, name calling?
There's no name calling involved.

You're a dumbass.
The description is fitting, and the more I view your ' infintile ' takeover of a blogsite, someone ELSE had, the more I see it fit.

Speaking of, you couldn't even make your OWN site, you had to STEAL someone elses. That in itself is funny to me too.'re a lib, and a dumbass one to boot.

Ooops, I have to leave now, the sandbox is full of thugs, and it's time to clean them out....again.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Russ said...

LN wow you made me cry.
My rant in response to your rant was infantile and certainly not needed.
Now that I am over it.

Suppose some bank robber robs a bank and take hostages. You don't blow up the bank. That's what Israel is doing. So you think fine the bank is gone and the bad guys to. Well we are not dealing with a small number of bad guys also we are creating more everyday.

I agree with Pat Buchanan simple as that -

Pat BUCHANAN: But here‘s the problem. Israel, if they continue this and they continue in Gaza and continue the economic blockade of the West Bank, is going to wind up with two failed states cheek by jaw with them. How that advances Israeli security or American interests, I don‘t know. Chris, Lebanon is a complete disaster. It‘s a catastrophe, says Blair. You have 600,000 to 750,000 refugees, they could turn over night into one of these Palestinian Diasporas, which produces endless numbers of terrorists, right on the northern border, the same on the West Bank and Gaza. Israel has got to realize that they‘re headed down a road at the end of which leaves them with basically two Somalia‘s on their border.

He sees it, this is not in the U.S. interest but since Bush came in Israel has had a free hand. As a super power and friend of Israel we need to tell them when they go to far and be an honest broker for peace. The peace process may seem never ending but the alternative is never ending war.

Unless some moron turns this into WW III and uses Nukes to turn the mid east into a piece of glass. You can win if you kill everyone short of that not gonna happen.

Lib NO. The Dems are useless and the Reps to concerned with holding power to do thier job. (As a whole,we have had that useless conversation before)

10:29 AM  
Blogger LNaranjoiv said...

Quoting Buchanon??

Boy......I'm afraid now.


1:40 PM  
Blogger Russ said...

LN-So you think I am an idiot for agreeing with Pat Buchanan? You as always avoid the issue and with your last comment show the true depth of your intellect.

Quoting Buchanon??

Boy......I'm afraid now.


You think I am trying to scare you? I guess truth can be scary for some. HAHA

2:09 PM  
Blogger Prodigal Son said...

The Deserter is showing the stuff he is made of. Neocons can't count on him to advance their agenda. Foiled again. Phooey.

He'll be taking his usual time out to cut brush and ride his bicycle at Crawford for a couple of weeks or so. Maybe play a few chords on his guitar. Like last year, remember? Does Katrina ring a bell? Brownie won't be around to blame this one on. And Sect. Rice will not be the fall guy, ummm, lady. That is yet to unfold as to who will get the Brownie award this time around.

The neocons who fancied themselves the master chess players are finding themselves in a chess zugzwang. And that is the shrill we are hearing from our resident neocon. The neocon wankery will undoubtedly take on a more shrill and primative discourse.

And you know, that is music to my ears...

3:28 PM  

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